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Yellow-bellied Weasel (Mustela kathiah)




November 26, 2018 09:50 AM IST


The Yellow Bellied Weasel is known to exist in Bhutan, China, India and several other South Eastern Asian countries but is seldom photographed, at least in India. A photograph from Mishmi Hills has been posted on Conservation India. There are no records from Mizoram except for a historical specimen.

While birding in Mizoram (with Garima Bhatia, Rajneesh Suvarna and Suja) early in the morning (at around 6.30 AM) at Hnahlan, Mizoram (in extreme Eastern part near Myanmar border) on 26th of November 2018, we chanced to see a small squirrel like thing (about eight inches in length) walking on the ground. It was unusual for squirrels to be up so early. When it crossed the path, I casually decided to photograph it. To my surprise, it crossed the road again and instead of climbing up a tree, disappeared into a hole in the ground. My second impression was that it was a baby Yellow Throated Martin, but it was too small even for that. After a careful look at the photograph and after consultation, we found that it was a yellow bellied weasel (Mustela kathiah) seldom seen and rarely photographed. To my knowledge, it has not been recorded or photographed in Mizoram in the recent past.

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