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Short-eared Dog Atelocynus microtis




October 25, 2002 09:40 AM EDT


Peru (Google, OSM)


Sighting of a rare forest canid, the short-eared dog. A pair on a trail.

First seen with one individual (a male?) standing, and one individual laying in a sunspot. Without an obvious reaction that they had detected me, the pair proceeded down the trail--one departed left, one departed right. 2-4 minutes later, the animal that had disappeared left entered back onto the trail and entered the forest in the direction of the other dog. Both dogs were visible in the underbrush <10 meters off trail. Mouths open, pink gums. Dog (that had originally departed left, I believe) entered back onto trail into the light (when I took the sunlit photo). At that point, the animal detected my presence and both proceeded away into the forest.

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