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Juba Skipper Hesperia juba




May 13, 2020 01:35 PM PDT


Not 100 percent sure of the species of Hesperia. This was the only photo I could get, but before I got my camera, I saw what I call the "zig-zag" silvery spots on the ventral hind wing that I distinguish Hesperia genus Skippers by. My first Speyeria in Seattle in over 20 years of looking. I saw it nectar on Tellima grandiflora - Fringe Cups. Also a species of plant I don't know I have seen a butterfly nectar on before. Hesperia colorado - Western Branded Skipper seems the most likely. While it didn't seem any bigger than our other than our common local orange Skipper of the same size and shape, the Woodland Skipper, that species wouldn't fly until July, and wouldn't have the silvery zig-zag marks on the ventral hindwing that I saw. The size suggests that it would be too small for a Juba Skipper.