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Chesapeake Blackberry (Rubus pascuus)




September 15, 2020 06:01 PM CDT


Tentatively IDed until it flowers again, or other characters can be used to determine if this is R. bifrons instead.

Visited this location after seeing a recent observation by @walkingstick2 that I suspected was not R. pensilvanicus. I did not see any other upright Rubus in the area between the street and the pond. R. trivialis present nearby.

Plants are about 4 feet tall, but some growing taller on nearby vegetation. Upright. Younger stems are full of leaves (mostly ternate) with recurved pickles. Lower stems are more densely covered in erect prickles. Last years stems are bare except for spent inflorescences. Not many inflorescences remained, but of the few I could find, none had more than 7 flowers. Located on the residential street side edge of a nature park with American Elms and a few red oak saplings.

Ironically, this plant has been photographed by 5 different observers since 2018.
@charley 11 Nov 2018
@kimberlietx 27 Apr 2020
@roadtrippincass 21 May 2020
@famius1 10 Sep 2020
@charley 10 Sep 2020
@walkingstick2 11 Sep 2020

Additional info on the discovery of this species in DFW can be found here