Projects in Brunei

Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental fruit fly) icon

Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental fruit fly)

Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental fruit fly)
Biodiversity of Borneo icon

Biodiversity of Borneo

Summarizing biological observations across the island of Borneo and satellite islands. This includes the Ma...
Borneo icon


This project aims to collate observations of species from Borneo and its surrounding islands.
Borneo Fungi icon

Borneo Fungi

Compiling observations of fungi from Borneo.
Butterflies and moths of Borneo icon

Butterflies and moths of Borneo

Collection project to amalgamate observations of Borneon lepidoptera 242 butterflies were given by J.C.M...
Butterflies of Brunei icon

Butterflies of Brunei

This project is to record butterfly species found in Brunei
City Nature icon

City Nature

We're looking forward to wildlife in the city. Our goal is to make everyone who lives in big cities pay att...
Figs of Borneo icon

Figs of Borneo

Borneo is a hotspot for fig (Ficus spp.) diversity with 150+ species. This project is an attempt to compile...
Flora of Kalimantan icon

Flora of Kalimantan

Compilation of Kalimantan Flora included Sarawak & Sabah (Malaysia) & Brunei Darussalam as the same...
Karst plants of China & SE Asia icon

Karst plants of China & SE Asia

Karst regions have quite peculiar plant taxa and the ark for many endemic species. This project is to disco...
Katydids of Borneo icon

Katydids of Borneo

An open project to gather photos and observations of Tettigoniidae in Borneo to aid in identification.
Moths of Brunei icon

Moths of Brunei

A collection project for moth observations from Brunei, contributing to the umbrella Moths of Asia project
Primates of Southeast Asia icon

Primates of Southeast Asia

Report your observations of non-human primates in Southeast Asia.
Pygmy Grasshoppers in the Tropics icon

Pygmy Grasshoppers in the Tropics

Grasshoppers that are less than 1 cm long and can swim and dive? They are members of the pygmy grasshoppers...
Shark Search Indo-Pacific icon

Shark Search Indo-Pacific

Shark Search Indo-Pacific (SSIP) is a research programme that is bio-logging the diversity of sharks and ra...
Southeast Asian bats icon

Southeast Asian bats

The aim of the project is to collect bat location data via iNaturalist.
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