Projects in Afghanistan

Aquatic insects icon

Aquatic insects

Discover the aquatic insects of the world, as they are very important in the ecosystem.
Butterflies of Afghanistan icon

Butterflies of Afghanistan

This project serves to record butterfly species found in Afghanistan
iNaturalist du Monde icon

iNaturalist du Monde

Aventurons nous, explorerons et partageons la faune et la flore du Monde. Projet créé par : "lafaunesauvag...
Megascolia of Western Palearctic icon

Megascolia of Western Palearctic

This projects aims to elucidate the phylogeny and distribution of the genus Megascolia Betrem, 1928 in the ...
Moths of Afghanistan icon

Moths of Afghanistan

A collection project for moth observations from Afghanistan, contributing to the umbrella Moths of Asia pro...
neglected areas - North & Central Asia (Invertebrata) icon

neglected areas - North & Central Asia (Invertebrata)

... if you wanted to improve coverage of Invertebrata observations, have a look here. Countries, and provic...
Pygmy grasshoppers in the Holoarctis icon

Pygmy grasshoppers in the Holoarctis

Most of Tetrigidae observations in iNaturalist originate from the Holoarctic region (North America, North A...
Species of South Asia icon

Species of South Asia

A project to collect all the species of South Asia on iNat. Let's expand our South Asian naturalist community!
Вымершие подвиды тигра icon

Вымершие подвиды тигра

Вымершие тигры которые вымерли в 500 лет
Вымершие тигры icon

Вымершие тигры

Вымершие тигры которые вымерли на 500 лет
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