Exuviae in mason wasp holes

In case you missed it ... @cgritz in Maypearl, TX, has something rather strange going on at her bee/wasp hotel. On several photographs of Euodynerus megaera she's noticed exuviae in nearby holes. Please check out her photographs and leave a comment if you can provide any details.


Posted by colinpurrington colinpurrington, July 07, 2018 11:51


My only comment is “Wow! Neato!” :)
It’s not very useful, but I sure do enjoy this observation!

Posted by sambiology over 3 years ago (Flag)

@sambiology I think I'm going to repurpose an old iPhone as a hotel security camera, just in case I can catch parasites in action.

Posted by colinpurrington over 3 years ago (Flag)

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