The appalling carnage continues: Mauritian government announces 3rd cull of Endangered flying foxes

This is simply unheard of: due to lobbying by farmers, the Mauritian government ordered 2 large-scale culls of the endemic Mauritian flying fox (Pteropus niger).

A significant part of the population was killed in 2015 and 2016, which led to an uplisting of this species by the IUCN Red List from 'Vulnerable' to 'Endangered', the second-highest threat level before a species is gone extinct.

In response to these culls, the World Conservation Congress ratified a resolution against culling of wild bat populations.

Despite the global outrage and concern over this unprecedented, intentional killing of a highly threatened species, the Mauritian government is now ordering another cull, which would bring this species even closer to extinction.

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation issued a comprehensive statement, and re-launched their campaign in English, French, and German.

Please sign the petition linked above, spread the word via social media, and think of any means and contacts that might put the Mauritian government under pressure to revoke this irresponsible decision!

Read more on the issue here.

Posted by jakob jakob, November 18, 2018 21:07



Many thanks for bringing this up, Jakob!
Incredible, not to understand...
Petition is signed, and I am still about to distribute it.

Posted by natalie 10 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for the mail and your commitment to reach as much people as possible ...
Can't understand why governments do not follow scientific reports of IUCN and Wildlife foundations and threaten species to go extinct !
Horrible and indeed impossible to understand why they wouldn't...

I'll sign the petition.

Posted by defd 10 months ago (Flag)
Posted by jakob 8 months ago (Flag)

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