Project Progress Update

As of this writing (January 12, 2019), Riverside Citizen Science has aggregated 3000 observations. After the initial surge of contributions from users of the City of Riverside's NatureSpotter smartphone application, other observers have continued to post their observations using different apps, or simply sharing photos via the iNaturalist website. Localities for these observations range from historic wild lands (such as Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park), to the Santa Ana River channel, to urban streets and suburban neighborhoods. Participants vary, ranging from trained naturalists and professional scientists, to tourists, to young school children and their teachers. Some contributors have been team members in important research projects, such as Operation Tree Canopy ( Some contributors have come to Riverside specifically to provide observations to projects started by other organizations (notably the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum). Of equal importance are the iNaturalist users around the world who use their own time and computers to identify and verify the identifications of the species observed and recorded.

Almost six years, and 3000 observations. Thanks to all participants for helping build a database of Riverside nature, past, present and (hopefully) future.

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Thanks so much for the update James.

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