Making Great Progress!

We’ve neared the halfway point for Lizards on the Loose 2018, and we just broke 1500 observations! This is an amazing amount of anole observation work, and our thanks and congratulations go out to all the students and teachers who have contributed so far. We’ve also been impressed with many of your identification skills…we’ve got a lot of anole professionals in the making! As always, if any questions or issues come up, you can message us on iNaturalist (@cthawley and @james_stroud_lizardsontheloose) and we’ll do our best to help. As the weather starts to warm towards the end of February, the anoles should really ramp up their activity and start displaying everywhere, including to humans who walk by. Keep your cameras at the ready…we expect to see lots of great action shots this spring!

Keep up the great work!

Chris and James

Posted by cthawley cthawley, January 30, 2019 19:18


Thanks to all of you Lizards On The Looser's! Keep up the hard work and the submissions rolling in. This is set to be a record-breaking year!

Posted by james_stroud_liza... over 2 years ago (Flag)

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