Checklist of crane flies in the subgenus Tipula (Yamatotipula) in Eastern North America

aprilina (USA: ME, south to TN, SC)
aspidoptera (USA: AR, TX)
brevifurcata (USA: TN, NC)
caloptera (Canada to FL)
calopteroides (USA: PA, TN, NC and SC)
carsoni (Canada: NF, NB; USA:ME)
catawbiana (USA: WV, VA, TN, NC, GA)
cayuga (Canada: ON, QC, NF; USA: MI, south to TN, NC)
concava (Canada; USA: MI-ME, south to KS, MO, AR and TN)
conspicua (USA: NC)
dejecta (USA: south to ILand NC)
eluta (Canada to FL)
floridensis (USA: FL)
fraterna (USA: NH, south to FL)
furca (Canada to FL)
iroquois (USA: south to TN and NC)
jacobus (Canada to FL)
kennicotti (Canada: NWT, AB, QC, USA: ND, south to UT, CO, KS, ID and OH)
ludoviciana (USA: LA, FL)
maculipleura (USA: TN)
manahatta (USA: NY, south to TN and FL)
nephophila (USA: TN, NC)
noveboracensis (Canada: ON-NF USA: ME, south to MI and MD)
osceola (USA: FL)
sackeniana (USA: NY to CT, south to TN and GA)
sayi (Canada to FL)
strepens (Canada: ON-QC-NF, south to USA: KS, NJ and perhaps VA)
subeluta (USA: MA, south to LA and FL)
succincta (USA: IN)
sulphurea sulphurea (Canada: AB to USA: Maine, south to Minn, IN and RI)
tephrocephala (Canada; USA: ID, RI, PA, VA, TN, NC)
tricolor (Canada to FL)
vicina (Canada: ON-QC-NF USA:MN, south to KS and PA)

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