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@tansh91 who has been kindly identifying some of the plants says "Can someone label all the exotic plants "Establishment means: Introduced" in the Indonesia country page? "

Any views on a good source for which are introduced to Indonesia?

Posted by lera lera, July 12, 2019 07:21



I have labelled a couple of clearly introduced species (Catharanthus roseus, Tradescantia zebrina) and its easily done - but needs someone with the knowledge to look through the checklist properly.

Why do this? It shows the pink (!) flag next to the species name in the Observation. This might be a further cue to check whether that observation should be tagged as 'cultivated/not wild'. Of course non-native species can be wild (self-propagating) and natives can be cultivated/planted, so its a cue, not a rule.

If done thoroughly it would allow filtering for observations of native / introduced species, but I'm not sure I'd rely on this as new species can be added at any time.

Establishment means also feeds into any Atlases developed that include flowering plants in Indonesia. There are 355 pages of Angiosperm atlases - does anyone know if there are any for Indonesia?

Posted by lera about 1 month ago (Flag)

These are 2 extensive reference about the invasive plant species in indonesia.
I happen to have a particular interest in invasive species and would like to help tag taxons as introduced/alien, would i need a curator status for that?

Posted by naufalurfi 19 days ago (Flag)

Hi - that is a lovely offer! I have done some of this for India and found it slow going. Anyone can play though! It looks like there may be a faster way via the checklist than via the places page linked above. Will investigate and get back to you here.

Posted by lera 19 days ago (Flag)

Hello again - it looks like the checklist is the easiest place to work from, but its still involving several steps for each species.

- Search for the species in the box at top right
If species present:
- Select species to open for the Place
- Select 'Introduced' from Establishment means
- Press Save
- Add your Source in the comment

If species not present
- Select Add to List (under search box)
- Select 'Edit' under the newly listed species
- Update Establishment means as above

E.g. I just did this for Acacia decurrens -

The source was the second reference you provided, and that also included the Indonesian name for the species (akasia). I added that by clicking the species name to get through to the Taxon page, and selecting "Add a name" under taxonomy. Now if someone types that common name in as the species name, they will get to the species. Of course this works less well if many species share a common name.

Posted by lera 17 days ago (Flag)

Huh, cannot edit comment. When I said 'if species present' above, I meant 'if its present in the checklist already' - not 'if its present in Indonesia'. As far as I can tell the checklist includes all species identified to Research Grade in the country, plus other species that people have added by hand as I did above.

Posted by lera 17 days ago (Flag)

Cool, thank you Lera. I'm gonna start editing the plants' establishment as well

Posted by naufalurfi 17 days ago (Flag)

I've been tagging some plants from Setyawati et al. book and one thing i notice is that it also list species with unknown origin. For example, Centella asiatica is listed there with unknown origin but when i googled around most sources mention its native range as "tropical asia" and also including southeast asia.
I would suggest only tagging species with a clear alien origin.

Posted by naufalurfi 17 days ago (Flag)

That makes sense, thanks for highlighting!

Posted by lera 17 days ago (Flag)

I've already tagged all of the taxon listed on the above 2 references sans those with dubious/unknown origin or ones that includes Indonesia (SE Asia or Tropical Asia). I think those books cover most of the invasive plants, at least the common ones. Also, some species are native in one part of Indonesia while being invasive in another part, example being Acacia auriculiformis which are native in eastern Indonesia but invasive in western Indonesia. I think those should be tagged on a smaller scale (Province?) rather than here.

On another note, it's astonishing how a lot of the common plants are foreign invasive ones. Makes me wonder how the vegetation was before all these alien species came her.

Posted by naufalurfi 14 days ago (Flag)

You hero! @pierov will be very happy to hear this too.

Hopefully the more complicated species can be added using geographical units (Places) already in the system; it is possible to add new Places if needed but I personally haven't tried that yet! I think every Place has a checklist.

Posted by lera 14 days ago (Flag)
Posted by lera 13 days ago (Flag)

Good to know!

Posted by naufalurfi 13 days ago (Flag)

@naufalurfi you are a champion! We might be able to give iNat digitized info on non-native plants from the Plant of the World database but even that doesn't have a complete list of introduced plant so your work is gold!

Posted by pierov 6 days ago (Flag)

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