Long live the 2019 Workshop!

Our Jepson Herbarium Weekend Workshop was over all too soon, but the memories and the observations live on.

It was a downright privilege to meet (or meet again) and spend the weekend with all of you in my most favorite botanical stomping ground and general hang-out.

Welcome to honorary workshop members @kueda, @sea-kangaroo, and @matsonburger, and to participant @odsmaker whose username I didn't have earlier. Let me know if I missed any other iNaturalist members among the group.

And keep those observations rolling in! They are a great way to review what we saw and learned (both separately and collectively), and to re-live a wonderful weekend. I expanded the project dates to include the weekends before and after the workshop, since I know some of you were in the area longer than just the workshop dates. Anything you observe by next Monday the 22nd will still be included. And I'll be catching up and adding a few of my own observations to the mix soon.

For an expanded tour of the Vascular Flora of the White Mountains, you can always start exploring with:

...or see everything here:

Happy Trails to each and all of you.

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