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Bulgaria is the 73rd stop on the iNaturalist World Tour. @katya is the top observer. She splits her time between Russia and Bulgaria near the national reserve Ropotamo where her observations are clustered. @exonie's observations are clustered around the town of Botevgrad. @georgipetrov66's observations are clustered in the countryside north of Botevgrad.

Several top observers such as @zmei have many observations near Bulgaria's largest city of Sofia. @mstoyanova and @kennethwoodcock's observations are centered in the area around the second largest city of Plovdiv. While the observers mentioned above appear to be at least partially resident in Bulgaria, there are many top observer visitors as well, such as @nyoni-pete, @paulcools, @cesarpollo5 and @henkwallays2. Don't miss @katya's Observation of the Day of 'kissing' European Hornets along the Ropotamo river or this Observation of the Week post about a busy European Orchard Bee northeast of Sofia spotted by @exonie.

The number of observations per month has been slowly climbing over the last four years and jumped to a new hight this summer.

@borisb is the top identifier and leads in insects, @tiggrx leads in plant IDs and @ldacosta leads in bird IDs. While these three top identifiers are from elsewhere in Europe, @exonie stands out as a local Bulgarian top identifier. Many thanks to @jakob, @kastani and all the other top identifiers helping out with Bulgarian identifications!

What can we do to get more people in Bulgaria using iNaturalist? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread

@katya @exonie @zmei @nyoni-pete @paulcools @mstoyanova @borisb @exonie @jakob @ldacosta @kastani

We’ll be back tomorrow with the Slovenia!

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