Peacock, Chicken, and Duck Pelvis Comparison

First in a series of skeleton comparisons.

Peacock (Pavo) and Rooster (Gallus gallus) pelvis:

vs Domestic Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata)

-Waterfowl's large ischiadic foramen, compared to the smaller and circular foramen of the landfowl.
-Waterfowl's vertebra's transverse process is more parallel, compared to the slightly more angled and diagonal processes in landfowl. Especially apparent in lumbo-sacral mass.
-Waterfowl's pre-acetabulum "neck" part of the ilium is longer, leaner, and slightly straighter, compared to the "stubby" and more "hourglass" ilium of landfowl.
-Waterfowl have a shorter protrusion from under the acetabulum (the pectineal process), almost unnoticeable from the dorsal view, compared to the landfowl's more dramatic "spike".
-Waterfowl's ishium is more trapezoidal and angles away from the pelvis, compared to landfowl's ishium being more parallel to the pelvis, looking more rectangular.
-Waterfowl's ischial angle has curved outward protrusions at end, extending away from pelvis and pointing upwards, compare to landfowl's straight termination of the ishial angle.

-Waterfowl's narrower and straighter ilium transitions into a leaner body of the pelvis, creating the look of more narrow "shoulders", compare to landfowl's broader "shoulders" and bulkier shape.
-Muscovy's duck pubis longer and more dynamically shaped, compare to chicken's pubis of consistent thickness and curve.
-Waterfowl tend to have more prominent intervertebral formina (the holes between the vertebra's transverse processes) from the dorsal view, while some landfowl like chickens and turkeys do not have them as prominently. This peacock displays them strongly, but was also hit by a car, so I can't say it reliably represents all peafowl.

*If anyone wants different angles or more precise/specific measurements of these bones, feel free to message me
See here for the definitions of the technical terms:

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