Rhinoclemmys Observation

A very interesting observation was posted by @maddicowen this week. The first iNaturalist record of a painted wood turtle (Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima; subspecies not distinguishable) in California was reported this week in Los Angeles.

The animal is definitely a released pet. While not particularly common in the pet trade, this species is definitely available to the exotic animal hobbyist, and they do show up in pet stores on occasion. This species contains four recognized subspecies (including the nominate) and ranges from the state of Sonora, Mexico, to Costa Rica.

This record puts the number of iNaturalist observed introduced California turtles and tortoises to 29 (however, likely 28 given the only loggerhead report is under speculation at present).

A very interesting piece of data indeed!

This has been the first Introduced Turtles of California news post, check back for more!

Posted by protostega123 protostega123, November 15, 2019 03:46


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