Newt survey - North side, Wednesday 12/11

December 11, 2019 (Wednesday) 1:30 am – 3:45 pm
We had about 10 days of rain, followed by a drier week.
During the survey it was drizzling part of the time. I documented 1 live and 235 dead newts, some were fresh, some not, but I only documented the ones there were newts for sure.
Other roadkills: one toad, one barn owl, a few millipedes, a Jerusalem cricket, a beetle larva. The live newts was crossing the road, moving away from the reservoir. A large male.
Coverage: north part - Jones trailhead to the stop sign (37.187875, -121.986516).
Rainfall: (MTD: 7.03 in; YTD: 9.88 in) The weather was wet, light drizzle.
Traffic: more traffic than previous times: One gravel truck, 40 cars (including many pickups), 3 bikes, 3 pedestrians. At about 3:30 maybe, Midpen's crew finished their maintenance work, and I saw 2 trucks and 7 maintenance pickups leaving the area. One of the Midpen people asked me how the newts are doing.

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