Our first 10 000 tree target has been reached!.....and now for the next 10 000

A brief summary of the achievements of the challenge:

The target of 10 000 trees was reached in 3 months (October to December 2019)
Approximately 3500 mature plants and 6500 seedlings/saplings were cleared
Approximately 40 different individuals participated in the clearing
Clearing took place at 8 different locations, two of which were challenging to access (each requiring about 3 hours of mountain walking to access)

Thanks to all who contributed!

Target for the next Challenge:

10 000 trees are cleared in 2 months, and at least three locations are included which are challenging to access

Posted by donovank donovank, January 05, 2020 04:35


Well done! Great work guys and girls!

Posted by klein_karoo over 1 year ago (Flag)

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