2020 - are you kidding!!

WOW, iNaturalist has really grown in the past several years - as has our Lower Lake Erie Region CSI project - many thanks to you! I am guessing that our region will exceed 500,000 observations this year - what a huge benefit to local knowledge.

As we dive in to exploration in 2020, I have a few reminders and suggestions:
1. Consider adjusting your project privacy settings to allow project managers and curators to access your hidden coordinates - all of us are conservationists active in regional efforts.
2. Consider using this slow season to scan old photographs or past digital photos that would be useful records to add to the project.
3. Consider focusing on small or secretive organisms. These are the most likely to be overlooked, new to the site and/or data-deficient. A macro-lens/case for your phone or camera is a very cheap way to explore a whole new world right at your doorstep!

Posted by smpbiologist-rcurtis smpbiologist-rcurtis, January 07, 2020 15:31


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