Chequered Copper (Lucia limbaria) in Adelaide Parklands

A fascinating and detailed article covering the rediscovery of the Chequered Copper (Lucia limbaria) in the Adelaide Parklands and efforts to ensure its continued presence by supporting its obligate Ant species (Iridomyrmex rufoniger) and the caterpillar host plants (Oxalis perennans).

Herding Caterpillars "The story of the Chequered Copper butterfly, its caterpillars and their guardians the tiny black ants "

There are currently no iNat records of this species in SA:

Posted by cobaltducks cobaltducks, January 30, 2020 00:02



Great work. I have planted Oxalis~perennans in the hope that one day they may venture out of the Parklands.

Posted by mendacott about 2 months ago (Flag)

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