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It is amazing to think 75 days have passed since the first Socially Distant Bioblitz (SDB) on 5 April. Over this time, our community SDB effort has reached thousands of naturalists from over 60 countries. Together, we have contributed 56,572 observations, containing 10,011 species , to iNaturalist. Our fifth SDB event on 5 July will continue to connect citizen-scientists around the world as we Covid-19 pandemic uniquely impacts each of us.

Okay, time for the recap of SDB #4! 70 observers submitted an even 9,250 observations from 5 continents and 17 countries, which yielded 3,075 species. Not too far behind the SDB #3 totals despite having fewer than half as many observers. Congratulations to @alexis_orion in Germany for finding the most species during the bioblitz and setting an SDB record for most species in a single bioblitz (477)! Runner-up mentions go out to @nicklambert in Australia (324 species) and @bonnieeamick in the United States (317 species).

Our collective “day” started soon after midnight at 12:22 AM local time near Canungra, Australia, where @dustaway documented this uncommon Oxycanus beltista moth. Nearly 40 hours later (39 hours and 59 minutes), the bioblitzed ended when @masonmaron recorded an aphid near Renton, Washington (USA) at 11:21 PM local time. Check out these other highlights, picked at random, from the bioblitz:

An odd-looking Lixus iridis weevil from Russia (@melodi_96)

A colorful Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae), also from Russia (@oleg_kosterin)

This colorful Viper’s-Bugloss (Echium vulgare) from Czechia (@helik7)

A wetland-loving Wattled Jacana (Jacana jacana) from Brazil (@nelson_wisnik)

A phenotypically uncommon all-white Rock Pigeon (Columbia livia), also from Brazil (@charlesavenengo)

A particularly photogenic Garnot’s House Gecko (Hemidactylus garnotii) from Cambodia (@geechartier)

We hope you can join us for the next bioblitz on 5 July, and please encourage others to participate as well!

Warm regards,

Steven Lamonde (@slamonde ), Sara Lobdell (@slob973 ) & Michael Nerrie (@mnerrie )
List of participating countries (17): Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Czechia, Fiji, Germany, Guatemala, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nepal, Peru, Russia, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States.

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