Xanthogramma species in Europe

While X. citrofasciatum, X. laetum and X. marginale are relatively easy to ID, the following species-complex (formerly regarded as a single species) is harder to approach:

X. pedissequum, dives and stackelbergi are very similar looking species and often (especially in males) not safely to ID. Fotos from different angles (dorsal, lateral, ventral [abdomen!] and in females also a frontal view) can be very helpful for the ID process.

This is a map view of the three species, including those at genus level.


And click here to see the distribution in the compare tool.

X. stackelbergi clearly is the rarest reported species of those three on iNaturalist.
X. pedissequum has a more northerly distribution, but with a broad range of overlap with X. dives.. X. stackelbergi probably can be found across the continent.

Features to look for:

X. dives:
the yellow pleuron is sometimes also present in X. pedissequum, so a combination of characters is important. Darkened wing tip ususally only obvious in females. A view from the underside has the border of the sternite yellow, where in X. pedissequum there should be a dark line where the arrow points to.

X. stackelbergi:
The yellow spot on tergite 2 is not triangular, but more 'dragged' in direction of the rear end, resulting in a rounder and skewed shape.
But careful: These marks are variable within these species and can only give a hint but don't allow an ID on its own!
The dark wing spot does not extend beyond vein r2+3 (purple line). Compare wing of X. dives above, where the dark area crosses the vein.

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Many thanks indeed for this journal entry! For three reasons:

for the information in here on how to distinguish Xanthogramma species
for showing me the usefulness of journals in iNaturalist, I hadn't yet understood how they could be used
for showing me how to make a multi-species map (https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/map?taxa=461173,136600,136599,505657#4/51.317/14.236) - had no idea we could do this!

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You're welcome. Glad you found this useful

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