African Reptiles and Conservation

In 2016, Tolley et al. published the paper "Conservation status and threats for African reptiles", wherein they emphasized challenges such as inadequate number of records as well as uneven sampling (focused on southern and eastern Africa). At the time they reported a total of 83,724 unique records. On iNaturalist alone, since 2016, there has been an additional 41,743 reptile records submitted to Africa (excluding Madagascar). This is an incredible increase of roughly half the total number of records in 5 years! And although samplings biases continue to prevail, records in under-sampled regions are accumulating.

Hopefully as more data become available more reptiles can be formally assessed by the IUCN, as of 2015 only 50 % have been assessed. Without there assessments there is often no awareness or ammunition for the conservation of threatened species when their habitat is faced with human developments.

In South Africa all reptile species have been either regionally or globally assessed according to the IUCN's standards and these can be accessed here (Tolley et al. 2019).

Tolley, K.A., Alexander, G.J., Branch, W.R., Bowles, P. and Maritz, B., 2016. Conservation status and threats for African reptiles. Biological Conservation, 204, pp.63-71.
Tolley, K.A., Weeber, J., Maritz, B., Verburgt, L., Bates, M.F., Conradie, W., Hofmeyr, M.D., Turner, A.A., Da Silva, J.M. and Alexander, G.J., 2019. No safe haven: protection levels show imperilled South African reptiles not sufficiently safe-guarded despite low average extinction risk. Biological Conservation, 233, pp.61-72.

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Dont forget that you can see the latest southern African status here:

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