Species still to observe: southern Africa

I have compiled a rough species list for southern Africa and cross-referenced it with the species observed on iNaturalist (does not extend northwards of Namibia, Botswana, Zimababwe and Mozambique). There may be a few errors but I thought it would be interesting to see how many species we have got a research grade observation for and which species have not yet been observed.

We have observed 632 species of the 783 known species, which is just over 80 %. Here are the species that are missing:

Acontias aurantiacus
Acontias bicolor
Acontias fitzsimonsi
Acontias gariepensis
Acontias percivali
Acontias richardi
Acontias schmitzi
Acontias wakkerstroomensis
Afroedura broadleyi
Afroedura granitica
Afroedura leoloensis
Afroedura loveridgei
Afroedura major
Afroedura maripi
Afroedura rondavelica
Afroedura rupestris
Afroedura tembulica
Afroedura tirasensis
Amietia inyangae
Amietia vandijki
Amnirana galamensis
Anhydrophryne ngongoniensis
Aparallactus nigriceps
Arthroleptella rugosa
Arthroleptella subvoce
Arthroleptis troglodytes
Arthroleptis wageri
Arthroleptis xenochirus
Aspidelaps infuscatus
Atheris mabuensis
Bitis albanica
Bitis inornata
Bradypodion karrooicum
Capensibufo magistratus
Chersobius boulengeri
Chirindia swynnertoni
Chondrodactylus fitzsimonsi
Chondrodactylus laevigatus
Cordylus aridus
Cordylus cloetei
Cordylus imkeae
Cordylus machadoi
Cordylus mclachlani
Cordylus meculae
Cordylus minor
Dalophia longicauda
Dipsadoboa montisilva
Elapsoidea guentherii
Elasmodactylus tuberculosus
Goggia gemmula
Goggia matzikamaensis
Hyperolius acuticeps
Ichnotropis grandiceps
Leptopelis argenteus
Leptopelis broadleyi
Leptopelis parbocagii
Leptotyphlops distanti
Leptotyphlops sylvicolus
Leptotyphlops telloi
Lycodonomorphus mlanjensis
Lycodonomorphus obscuriventris
Lycophidion multimaculatum
Lycophidion semiannule
Lygodactylus graniticolus
Lygodactylus montiscaeruli
Lygodactylus regulus
Lygodactylus waterbergensis
Meroles micropholidotus
Mertensophryne anotis
Mertensophryne lindneri
Mertensophryne loveridgei
Monopeltis anchietae
Monopeltis decosteri
Monopeltis leonhardi
Monopeltis rhodesiana
Monopeltis sphenorhynchus
Montaspis gilvomaculata
Mopanveldophis zebrinus
Nadzikambia baylissi
Namazonurus campbelli
Namazonurus namaquensis
Namibiana labialis
Nothophryne baylissi
Nothophryne inagoensis
Nothophryne ribauensis
Nothophryne unilurio
Nucras aurantiaca
Nucras caesicaudata
Pachydactylus acuminatus
Pachydactylus boehmei
Pachydactylus caraculicus
Pachydactylus etultra
Pachydactylus gaiasensis
Pachydactylus goodi
Pachydactylus griffini
Pachydactylus kobosensis
Pachydactylus maclachlani
Pachydactylus macrolepis
Pachydactylus otaviensis
Pachydactylus parascutatus
Pachydactylus sansteynae
Pachydactylus scutatus
Pachydactylus waterbergensis
Pachydactylus werneri
Pedioplanis benguellensis
Pedioplanis haackei
Philothamnus macrops
Philothamnus ornatus
Phrynobatrachus parvulus
Phrynobatrachus perpalmatus
Phrynomantis affinis
Platysaurus chimanimaniensis
Platysaurus guttatus
Platysaurus pungweensis
Poyntonophrynus beiranus
Poyntonophrynus kavangensis
Probreviceps rhodesianus
Ptychadena mapacha
Ptychadena uzungwensis
Pyxicephalus angusticeps
Rhampholeon bruessoworum
Rhampholeon maspictus
Rhampholeon nebulauctor
Rhinotyphlops boylei
Rhoptropus biporosus
Rhoptropus diporus
Rieppeleon brachyurus
Scelotes arenicolus
Scelotes guentheri
Sepsina alberti
Smaug barbertonensis
Smaug mossambicus
Smaug regius
Strongylopus springbokensis
Strongylopus wageri
Telescopus finkeldeyi
Tetradactylus eastwoodae
Tomopterna damarensis
Trachylepis chimbana
Typhlacontias johnsonii
Typhlacontias punctatissimus
Typhlosaurus braini
Vandijkophrynus amatolicus
Vandijkophrynus inyangae
Vandijkophrynus nubicola
Xenocalamus sabiensis
Xenopus poweri
Zygaspis ferox
Zygaspis kafuensis
Zygaspis niger
Zygaspis violacea

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