2021 Spring planting begins!

March 11, 2021. The first shipment of seedlings for the 2021 season arrived yesterday from the Missouri Department of Conservation. We had a good shower last night after several dry weeks. More rain is projected for the coming days so I took advantage of the gorgeous afternoon to plant with neighbor and COVID walking buddy Pam Barry. The shipment included 10 Bur oak, 10 White oak and 10 Ohio buckeye. The oaks were planted in the center of the Greenbelt -an open and wet area that I have tried without success to establish a tree stand. Last years stock of white, swamp white and texana oaks planted in the same area were ravaged by deer over the winter. The black cherry faired better but still took substantial casualties. I'm giving these oaks more protection for one last effort before giving up. I was happy to see the elderberry and false indigo planted last year leafing out - good to see that something will grow there. Seven of the buckeye were placed at the east end along the walking path and three at the west. All of the plantings were flagged - Burr with yellow, white with orange, and buckeye with orange. Some of the oaks were caged in hobby wire. I will work to wrap the others over the coming days. Hopefully this will give them a fighting chance!

I was thrilled to find the golden currant planted last spring leafing out! Very exciting since I was sure they were dead. Life finds a way!

Update: After reading more about the Ohio buckeye, I went back the next evening to replant the seedlings on the interior of the greenbelt along the stream where they would have more shade and water. That location also reduced my anxiety about elderly neighbors twisting their ankles or dogs choking on poison nuts!

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