40 days until the City Nature Challenge

Hi everyone!

The CNC is around the corner! Our website is now up and we will be posting info about events soon. If you are interested in hosting an event, there is an option to register it on the site. Here is the link:

Please help spread the word about the City Nature Challenge to any nature-inclined folks you know! If you are still getting the hang of iNaturalist and want to learn more about posting observations or how to look through other users' posts, please join me during a presentation sponsored by the Florida Native Plant Society! It's on Tuesday at 7:30PM. You can learn more and register for this free presentation here:

You are also welcome to join our what's app chat if you have any questions about iNaturalist or want someone to help you out with an ID:

One more thing... there's a really cool event happening next weekend including many free field trips around South Florida. These field trips are organized by the Florida Native Plant Society and will mostly focus on recognizing plants in different habitats throughout our area. There is a limit of 10 attendees per field trip due to Covid restrictions but several have spots open so you still have time to join one! Check out the link below to read up on the field trips and then click the link within that page to sign up for a field trip.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday!

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