Gorgeous Easter weekend

April 5, 2021. We had a lovely, unseasonably warm Easter weekend in the Greenbelt and fresh new growth was bursting out - both desirable and undesirable. I spent much of the weekend working to pull up or cut down emerging invasive species of honeysuckle and some stray periwinkle. I just shook my head at the garlic mustard which was extensive. I also watered the seedlings planted last week since it has been so warm and dry. I received one last shipment from the Missouri Department of Conservation, 10 Black cherry (Prunus serotina) which I planted Friday afternoon (4/2/2021) in the open central location of the property, expanding the existing cherry tree line west. I want to see if anything will grow in that space since there is a large utility manhole cover (?) of some sort that may be a marker of underground materials that would inhibit root formation. If it's possible for anything to grow there - the cherry will grow. For the record, I communicated with city officials involved in permitting and code enforcement for this property prior to initiating the project in late 2018 and they gave the ok to carry on planting with no restrictions. Hopefully the problems are just the critters. We shall see!

This week I will be presenting a proposal to the Willowridge HOA to support mass planting of perennials for the season. I hope to obtain an array of shady perennials including spring ephemerals and ground covers to fill the freshly cleared east end of the property. Hopefully the board agrees.

More to follow!!

Missouri Department of Conservation
10 Black cherry seedlings (Prunus serotina)

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