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The CNC starts this Friday!! Want to know more about iNaturalist or making observations? Check out the resources page on our website. You can find helpful videos, tutorials and more. Want to share the Greater Phoenix Area CNC? You can send this postcard!

Great observations are easier to identify and more likely to be promoted to research grade, making them a more effective contribution to conservation efforts. Check out the tips and tricks below for making great observations.

Tips for making great observations:
Submit only original observations, with photos you have taken.
o Be sure images are in focus and be mindful of lighting, the subject should be easy to see.
o Crop in on photos to show what is being observed.
o Create a sense of scale by placing something in the photo, like a hand or pencil.
o Take multiple photos, vary angles and use different points of view. A hand lens can be used to take “macro” shots. When observing plant life, take photos of leaves, stems, flowers, distinguishing characteristics and the overall plant.
oMake separate observations. For example: If there is a bee on a flower, an observation should be made for the bee and for the flower.

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