Welcome to Fungal Diversity Survey! (FunDiS)🍄

Welcome to the Fungal Diversity Survey (FunDiS) iNat project and thank you for joining! Your observations will contribute to helping us understand and protect fungi. Find out more about our conservation initiatives and how your observations in this project will help conservationists across the continent by visiting our website: https://fundis.org/protect

We have identifiers helping us out on the project, so if you add us to an observation we'll do our best to ID it.

To make sure that all observations at a standard that's useful to scientists or conservationists we require that all observations contributed to FunDiS meet the following criteria:

🍄 Images need to be clear, well-lit, in focus, and the mushroom needs to be relatively large in the picture so its details can be seen clearly.

🍄 No immature, old, or damaged specimens.

🍄 We want to see the cap, the pore/gill surface, the stem including the base, bulb, or volva (if applicable). Any staining, discoloration, or milk/latex should also be shown.

🍄 There should be a clue to the host or substrate, eg if it grows under a specific tree, show the leaf or needles of that tree next to the mushroom, or take a separate picture.

🍄 Add anything else that's noteworthy (eg smell, taste) in the Notes section

🍄 No lichens (we don’t have the experts to ID them)

And if you’re interested in what we’re doing and how your observations will help understand and protect fungi subscribe at https://fundis.org/index.php/resources/email-list

We look forward to seeing the fungi you're finding!

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