Publishing update!

You may have seen the Facebook post yesterday, but we had some news. I finally resubmitted the Agaricus xanthodermus toxicity variation manuscript to the scientific journal, Mycologia!
I should be used to it now but submitting a manuscript can be an incredibly nerve wracking process!

My friend, Kia, says that you should go home after submitting to a journal because it’s exhausting and because nothing you can do for the rest of the day will contribute as much to your career as clicking that submit button! 😛

Those of you who’ve been with us for a while may recall that we’ve sent this paper out to journals before. Unfortunately this project was a bit niche and very confusing (even for me), but this constant refinement process has done wonders! I’m really confident now that we’re telling the best story we possibly can!
This is the third time submitting to Mycologia. The first time they rejected it, provided feedback and encouraged us to try again. The second time, they rejected it, gave us pages and pages of really constructive feedback and invited us to resubmit by May 5th. Which might just mean that if we’ve answered all the reviewer comments and made all the right changes... they just might publish it!! 😮

I’ll be heading out to Tas for fieldwork but keep those Agaricus sightings coming! It’s absolutely Agaricus season and all your sightings help!!


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