Gall Week 2022!

It's already August, and we should pick a date for Gall Week 2022! Here in California, it's already fall gall season, and many galls would last till October. Last year people commented that the early October date was already too late for their state. So when should we do it this year? Please suggest dates in the comments, and let's choose something quickly!
Would late August or early September work? We can do a "long week" again, including the two weekends.
I tagged people who expressed interest last year, or were tagged last year. Please feel free to invite more people into the discussion.

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Posted by merav merav, August 03, 2022 10:05 PM


Anytime for me. Thank you @merav !

Posted by robinellison 6 months ago (Flag)

You ask such galling questions! Anytime will work...

Posted by gyrrlfalcon 6 months ago (Flag)

I am good with any time too.

Posted by beartracker 6 months ago (Flag)

first 2 weeks of September ish?

Posted by leslie_flint 6 months ago (Flag)

September is the peak of Cynipini observations out of the whole year and would probably be the best balance of tolerable weather (here in Texas it's still likely to be highs near 100 through the end of August) and gall persistence. September is also probably a good time for people to start collecting galls for rearing over the winter; August might be too early in many cases.

As I've been thinking a ton about cynipini phenology and life cycles this year, I want to reiterate that in terms of bang for buck of high observation rate within a narrow window of time, spring is when we would want to focus. Something to think about for next year. A huge proportion of our missing life stages are cyptic, ephemeral galls in the spring and it would be incredible to have a focused effort to get people searching for them during that period.

I am hoping to have a phenology toolset in place on Gallformers by then (showing gall presence/emergence date ranges by latitude, search filter by presence/emergence during a given period, etc),. It's possible we may have a draft version of some of these features up in time for a fall event this year, as a beta test, but I'm not sure I should promise that.

Posted by megachile 6 months ago (Flag)

What a gall to action! Those times will work. Galls Y’all.

Posted by metsa 6 months ago (Flag)

@megachile - I really wanted to organize a spring event this past year, but things always get so busy in springtime. Let's set a date for a spring event as soon as we are done with the fall event, maybe open the discussion for both here? In California, April or May are good for a spring event, as far as I know.

Posted by merav 6 months ago (Flag)

Awesome! So excited for this, I had a great time last year. It's incredible to see just how large the gall community has grown. Would also like it to be earlier for any people living in northerly areas like Canada, October was noted as too late. September should be the best time, I agree. Cynipids will be at their peak, and there will still be some midge galls left from the previous month.

Spreading the word (forgive me for going crazy w/ the tags):
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Posted by kemper 6 months ago (Flag)

Personally going to be busy until the last week of august, and September is when I see a lot of my fully matured oak galls here in Ottawa anyways, so if September is how it's leaning that works out great for me!

Posted by nsouc 6 months ago (Flag)

I would think September would be good for my general area (Minnesota). We had a late cold spring and a very hot, dry summer; all bets seem off in terms of predicting fall weather, but September would seem to be reasonable.

A short while ago I had no idea galls even existed, and have been talking about them ever since! Thanks to all those who generously ID'd and encouraged interest.

Posted by kimcwren 6 months ago (Flag)

Yay gall week! And I agree with the first week or two of September! To make it a “long week” with two weekends, September 3-11 should do it.

Posted by esummerbell 6 months ago (Flag)

I appreciate the tag. I'll be keeping my eye on this; Will gladly participate!

Posted by michaelvoeltz 6 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for the tag, this isn't a good year for me for any week, but I think you should plan this and do it yearly.

Posted by skrentnyjeff 6 months ago (Flag)
Posted by milliebasden 6 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for the tag. I will participate whenever you decide to do it.

Posted by lappelbaum 6 months ago (Flag)

Gall aboard! Let's do it

Posted by whateverwatcher 6 months ago (Flag)

@sararuth want to join in?

Posted by lappelbaum 6 months ago (Flag)

I'm in the bay area too, so any time now through October works! September is great!

Posted by chyroptera 6 months ago (Flag)

I will be back to Europe by then :(
But I can still participate from the old continent.

Posted by antoine_guiguet_ 6 months ago (Flag)

Sounds like fun!

Posted by base736 6 months ago (Flag)

If you're interested @graysquirrel :)

Posted by robinellison 6 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for the tag, @robinellison ! I'm definitely interested :) I didn't hear about last year's in time to participate, but it sounded fun.

@merav @megachile It'd be cool to do a spring and a fall version of this, to capture the most diversity - maybe next year?

Posted by graysquirrel 6 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for tagging me :)

Posted by utchee 6 months ago (Flag)

I'll still be in the Old World but definitely count me in. Late August into early September would be great, but really, anytime is great. :-)

Posted by andreacala 6 months ago (Flag)

Sounds awesome, I'll be in Germany but can still definitely participate from over here.. thanks for tagging me @kemper :)

Posted by alexis_orion 6 months ago (Flag)

As a rule, these times for northern Hemisphere events are totally wrong for the southern half of the world.

But I have no idea of gall growth and abundance in the various summer, all year and winter rainfall regions of the top half of the planet, so will need to consult. On the other hand I suspect many of our galls are more persistent, although for rearing purposes this may not be helpful.

Posted by tonyrebelo 6 months ago (Flag)

September would be good fore me.


Posted by steve_mcwilliam 6 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for a tag @kemper and @merav ! I totally agree with @megachile and September could be also the best option here in Portugal. Moreover it is a great idea consider to organize the next edition during the next spring/early summer.

Posted by alejandro_lopez_n... 6 months ago (Flag)

Thank you for the tag! Late August/September sounds good I think?

Posted by flowntheloop 6 months ago (Flag)
Posted by mobbini 6 months ago (Flag)

September would be good from a European perspective too. With the hot dry summer quite a few plants will have dried up & I anticipate some trees will drop leaves earlier. Late August is probably a little too early though.

Posted by sk53 6 months ago (Flag)

Thank you for the invite! I still don't know too much about galls but I got more interested due to the amount I get from several ID'ers who know who they are (a big thank you!). Sept would be fine for me and a Spring go at it would be neat.
BTW, got some really cool galls this morning on Staghorn Sumac! So big I could see them from the street on my mountain bike! :)

Posted by ken-potter 6 months ago (Flag)

Thank you for the invite. will be in Europe at the time. Have never participated in such events before, will try post some stuff from my private account.

Posted by globalgalls 6 months ago (Flag)

@ken-potter I'm in the same boat as you - I don't know too much about them, but I've gotten much more into them due to the interest and enthusiasm of the gall community on here. Turns out being told you've photographed something rare and cool is kind of addictive ;)

Posted by graysquirrel 6 months ago (Flag)

@graysquirrel I'm totally with you there! Kudos to the gall folks!

Posted by whateverwatcher 6 months ago (Flag)

@ken-potter I feel the same way

Posted by lappelbaum 6 months ago (Flag)

Gall out!

Posted by anudibranchmom 6 months ago (Flag)

Sounds fun! Thanks for the invite. Really looking forward to participating! @jstippick

Posted by jmole 6 months ago (Flag)
Posted by awenninger 6 months ago (Flag)

@dlevitis FYI in case you want to participate!

Posted by graysquirrel 6 months ago (Flag)

SoCal has relatively few observations in September--definitely needs some beefing up. Gall out the troops!

Posted by cynestor 6 months ago (Flag)

I'd love to participate this year as well :) I'll be in Europe for parts of september so it'll be interesting if it overlapped with that trip. Will be on the lookout for galls regardless!

Posted by ekmes 6 months ago (Flag)

@graysquirrel Look what I found a few days ago, yippee!!

Posted by robinellison 6 months ago (Flag)

Ooh, I'm in! Thanks for tagging me. I can do anytime!

Posted by ocean_beach_goth 6 months ago (Flag)

I can do anytime.

Posted by agroservicios 6 months ago (Flag)

Another vote for early-ish September - should be early enough for leaves and some decent weather to still be around here in the PNW. (And perhaps plan another week for spring 2023 for early galls + the southern hemisphere?)

Posted by giantcicada 6 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for tagging me! I'll definitely participate from Aotearoa/New Zealand when this happens. Another vote for Septemberish for me, we should have some nice galls coming out then.

Posted by joedillon 6 months ago (Flag)
Posted by alejandro_lopez_n... 6 months ago (Flag)

I think we have a consensus about early September! Let's do it from Saturday 9/3 to Sunday 9/11. Here in the US it will include the long weekend, so that people that are traveling might get to some unusual places to document, and can use the 2nd weekend to organize public events.
Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions. I'm glad to see so many people are excited about Gall Week! I'll create a new project page and post the link here. Feel free to join the project and invite everyone you know to join :)
And let's start working on a t-shirt!

Posted by merav 6 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for the tag @steve_mcwilliam, I'll do my best to record dependent on my location at the time. :)

Posted by mandapanda 6 months ago (Flag)

a t-shirt would be cool

Posted by beartracker 6 months ago (Flag)

ok, we've got a new project page - please join it, tag everyone, and count the days till 9/3!

Posted by merav 6 months ago (Flag)

@merav Maybe make a project journal post again so everyone can be tagged under it?

Posted by kemper 6 months ago (Flag)

The last T-shirt had CA galls on it right? we could pick the NE or SW or Midwest galls--like goldenrod galls or different oak galls or something

Posted by chyroptera 6 months ago (Flag)

Good idea, @kemper. Do you think I should tag everyone (there are so many people!) or just hope that all the people that joined the 2021 project will notice the post on their thread?

Posted by merav 6 months ago (Flag)

I'd say tag everyone personally just in case? Especially since not many have joined so far. Not everyone tagged will join in any case

Posted by kemper 6 months ago (Flag)

ok, thanks! In that case I'll do it in the new project.

Posted by merav 6 months ago (Flag)
Posted by croxvols 6 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for the tag, I just joined the project!

Posted by kidneymoth 6 months ago (Flag)

Gall gang!

Posted by blazeclaw 6 months ago (Flag)

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