January 4, 2017 WOW ! What a day

I have been aware of a Crested Caracara sighting near Rehoboth Beach and finally had a day off which coincided with nice weather. This is the second sighting of a Crested Caracara since 2013 in Delaware – way out of range. Reports indicated the bird has been routinely seen in the morning and afternoon so I headed out. I arrived at the location, parked my car next to the other birders, aimed my camera and started shooting. I thought for sure I would have to sit for a few hours to see him but luck was with me today. After he flew off I decided to check out a few other spots nearby and had the best birding day ever (for me). On the way home, I decided to stop by Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge for a quick drive through and I am so glad I did. I photographed my first owl - a Screech Owl. Twenty-six identifiable birds were observed today, including another out-of-range bird, the Ash-fronted Flycatcher.

  1. Ash-throated Flycatcher
  2. Belted Kingfisher
  3. Black Duck
  4. Black Vulture
  5. Bluejay
  6. Brown Headed Nuthatch
  7. Canada Goose
  8. Cardinal
  9. Carolina Chickadee
  10. Crested Caracara
  11. Dark eyed junco
  12. Double Crested Cormorant
  13. Eastern Bluebirds
  14. Eastern Goldfinch
  15. European Starling
  16. Great Blue Heron
  17. Herring Gull
  18. House Finch
  19. Red Breasted Nuthatch
  20. Robin
  21. Screech Owl
  22. Snow Geese
  23. Song Sparrow
  24. Tufted titmouse
  25. Turkey Vulture
  26. Yellow Rumped Warbler

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