Find a Vernal Pool in Summer

Rain has been heavy in many parts of the state. Why not look for your favorite vernal pool in July an August to see if there is still water? Post an observation to this project with the ancillary data to document what you have. Include water depth, temperature and size for comparison.

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A great guide for Ohio frog species is Summit County, Ohio Frogs and Toads. Learn sights and sounds of all the anurans that call Ohio home.

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Target observations for this coming 2018 vernal pool season are:
Macroinvertebrate - fairy shrimp,
Amphibian - spotted salamander (adult and egg masses) and wood frog (adult and egg masses),
Plant - Buttonbush
Odonate - Swamp Darner

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Square Feet

• 100 square feet, A modest sized bedroom
• 1000 square feet, A classroom
• 10,000 square feet, A quarter acre or a modest suburban lot
• 100,000 square feet, Almost two football fields

These are rough guides to estimating the area of a vernal pool (or anything else) without making exacting measurements.

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OVPN has created a FaceBook Group to expand our conversation and share other experiences about vernal pools.
The Ohio Vernal Pool Network exists to provide educational resources, opportunities and experiences to further the understanding, protection and enjoyment of Ohio’s hidden wonders found in the precious seasonal wetlands we call Vernal Pools.
Post your questions and discoveries. Let's solve the mysteries of Ohio's Hidden Wonders, together.
Our team is here to assist Ohio Vernal Pool Network affiliates and group members with any questions regarding Ohio vernal pools, workshops, discovery days, expeditions and how you can build your own capacity.

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Welcome new members of the Ohio Vernal Pool Network Facebook Group. If you came here after seeing our dynamic and curious discussions on facebook, thank you for joining us on iNaturalist. If you have not been to our FB Group, check out growing interest and observations.

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