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Thank you to everyone for contributing to the 2016 National Parks BioBlitz! Thanks to all of you, we surpassed all of our Centennial goals - and we beat most of them by Founders Day on August 25!

With more than 140,000 observations of over 13,000 species, this effort represents a tremendous contribution to the National Park Service (NPS) state of knowledge about our parks. By utilizing the iNaturalist platform for the 2016 National Parks BioBlitz, NPS ensured the results were inherently accessible to the NPS as well as the public and our partners. However, in order to ensure the NPS is able to put this information to good use, we are making a coordinated effort to review and process the data.

In order to do this, NPS will cross-reference species observed as part of the BioBlitz with species listed in the official NPS species list database (NPSpecies). Observations that represent potentially new species to the park will be reviewed carefully by NPS resource staff ...more ↓

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All observations from within a National Park during 2016 will be counted!

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