June 17, 2019

Area Measurements

Hi All,

Carol has brought to my attention that Area (in the field form) indicated cubic meters (m3), that was a mistake. We're only looking for square meters, or the area occupied on the ground, not the "volume" of the population...

Sorry if this was confusing for anyone. I have fixed the field form.


~ Tierney

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January 24, 2019

Map Symbols and Geoprivacy

Hey All,

At our last meeting we were trying to figure out what the various symbols mean on the map of our project observations. I found the answer with a quick google search. Silly I waited so long!

NOTE: The teardrops mean that the coordinates/location of the observation is not obscured and are open to the public. Please check your observations and make sure that the Geoprivacy is set to "obscured."




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July 24, 2018

Survey Area Boundary


I figured out how to get our unique survey boundary into iNaturalist, so the one on the project page now accurately reflects our focus area. Please try to keep your observations inside, or as close to, this boundary as you can. As always, use your best judgement!

Thanks and happy orchid hunting!

~ Tierney

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July 19, 2017

Platanthera clavellata in Boreas

Hi All,

I was out on Boreas Ponds yesterday. There are several "floating" sphagnous mats with bog species growing on them throughout the three ponds. I found P. clavellata growing on them, but I was there working and was not able to do any kind of real survey assessment of the population(s) there.

I wanted to let you all know in case someone can and is willing to go back there and get more detailed data about the population(s).

There's also a ton of Sarracenia purpurea and Drosera. It's a cool place to check out. Although, at the moment one would have to haul in a kayak from the parking area, which is not close to the ponds.


~ Tierney

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