New harbor seal float is in place

The new float arrived in June 2016, and the old wooden dock was removed the following month. By late December, more seals were using the new float than had ever been seen at the old dock. On January 5, 2017, the float was packed to capacity with 70 seals. The new float is 300 feet from the shoreline. Perhaps the greater sense of security has made this structure a more attractive resting area. It is the only known structure in the world built specifically for harbor seals.

Regular updates are posted on the Alameda Point Harbor Seal Monitors Facebook page

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This project is dedicated to monitoring the activities of harbor seals at Alameda Point in Alameda, California. Harbor seals hauled out for at least a decade on an abandoned recreational boat dock left behind by the Navy.

Plans were recently approved to locate a maintenance facility for San Francisco Bay ferries at the location of the haul-out. Fortunately, as the result of ...more ↓

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