Can you see it now? The solution.

In the last journal entry, we described several scenarios where posting observations to iNaturalist can lead to undesirable results. In this journal entry, we'll discuss an easy way you can ensure your observations on iNaturalist don't do more harm than good.

For observations of species that are vulnerable to poaching or persecution, or from places you would prefer to keep underwraps, the easiest thing to do is adjust the 'Geoprivacy' setting of the observation. Three options are available:

Open - everyone can see the coordinates (unless the species is threatened - more on this later)

Obscured - public coordinates are shown as a random point within 10 kilometres of the true coordinates. True coordinates are only visible to you and the curators of the projects to which you add the observation

Private - Coordinates completely hidden from public maps; true coordinates only visible to you and the curators of projects ...more ↓

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The All Nature Manitoba project allows you to enter any and all observations that don’t fall into the herpetology category. See an interesting plant and not sure what it is? Snap a photo and add it here. Think you’ve stumbled upon a rare insect? Perhaps you have, so tell us about it! Include the following details to add value to your observations:
• the location where the item was ...more ↓

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