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March 16-21, 2018

We have passed 200 species now. resident breeding birds are starting to show up and the flood of Neotropical migrants will start soon. Butterflies and dragonflies are increasing in numbers and the numbers of insects recorded continues to grow. The weather for this weekend looks to be good for photography we should expect the first pictures of some refuge breeders like Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Eastern Kingbird, Orchard Oriole, and Roseate Skimmer to come in this weekend. Wildflowers are popping out now and remember the Refuge Headquarters up in FM 563 counts towards the BioBlitz. Bring your camera and smart phone and come out this weekend. Here is the current break down

Birds = 78
Amphibians = 2
Reptiles = 6
Mammals = 4
Fish = 4
Spiders = 1
Insects = 56
Plants = 58
Fungi = 2

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Help us create an inventory of the plants and animal at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge in 2018. Can we find 2018 species in 2018?

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