Trial-run for the black bass group

I am inviting a small group of anglers to participate in a trial-run of this group by having them join the group, contribute 5-10 records each, help identify other's records, and provide feedback. This trial-run should help to streamline the content and functionality of this group for a broader user base.

-Andrew Taylor, admin

Posted on November 07, 2017 03:18 AM by andrew_tbc_taylor andrew_tbc_taylor | 0 comments | Leave a comment

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Black bass of the genus Micropterus support some of the most popular and economically significant sport fisheries in North America. Recent research has uncovered incredible biodiversity within the genus, with up to 19 forms currently recognized in the scientific literature.

Many of these black bass forms are of some conservation concern. Some forms are endemic to one or a few ...more ↓

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