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Horvath's Toad-Headed Agama is critically endangered species with limited and fragmented geographic range. Knowledge about spatial distribution and abundance of this lizard is very important for its conservation, as it allows to identify critical habitats and program conservation efforts. and National governments have limited funds, which are insufficient for regular surveys of this and many other reptiles. In this circumstances citizen initiative can be very helpful. Contemporary mobile devices (smart phones and many digital cameras) allow both acceptable quality photography and precise positioning. We encourage you to travel around, search for, find, document, photograph and report these endangered lizards.

Please do not attempt to catch or harass them, as careless handling may damage these small and friable creatures. Instead take your time to make an encountered lizard comfortable with your presence and attempt to take a photo from as close distance as possible. ...more ↓

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Toad-Headed Agamas - is a complex Central-Asian genus of Agamid lizards (Phrynocephalus Kaup, 1825). Toad-Headed Agamas Inhabit deserts and semi-deserts of Central Asia. They are known from Mongholia and China on the East to Armenia and Turkey on the Wesr. As far as in South Russia on the North and Arabian Peninsula on the South.

All Toad-Headed Agamas are small predators feeding on ...more ↓

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