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Wow, what an amazing database of audio recordings this project has become. As of today, there are almost 4,000 species from 5,690 users uploaded to iNat. @dbeadle with over 500 species is far and away the leader in species and @sandboa with over 1,900 recordings is leading that category by a wide margin. Simply mind-blowing numbers.

The top four species by number of observations are birds and frogs, which I expected, though I wouldn't have been able to guess which species. I'm surprised that #5 is an insect, Silver Princess (Yoyetta celis) with 576 observations. March and April of 2020 have logged over 1,000 unique observers, with March being the first time this occurred.

The only continent without an audio observation is Antarctica. Observations have been uploaded from 150 countries! The United ...more ↓

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The purpose of this project is to encourage people to record audio of wildlife. With cellphones being capable of making sound recordings most everyone now has the ability to record some audio and share it with the iNat community.

The exact location of the species is not important to this project, so feel free to hide it from the curators if you feel the need. We simply want to share ...more ↓

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