An introductory video to Australian Leaf Miners

Hi everyone,

Wowee we're at 900+ uploads! This is amazing. As a reminder, this is the biggest source of Australian leaf miner records. I do go along and do what ID I can, but I also encourage you to investigate some leaf miners in your local area as we know so little.

For anyone interested, in February 2023 I did a talk for the Entomological Society of Victoria. I got permission to share this video and I hope it gives you some insight in Australian Leaf Miners.

Here is the link to the video

It is a talk aimed at the general public, and should be easy to understand for all. If you have any questions feel free to post here or DM me.

Take care,


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This project has been created as a space for Australian records of leaf miners to be collated. This project is curated by Ying Luo, an Australian researcher looking to understand more about leaf miners in Australia.

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