Picture requirements

Which plant to record?

Depending on the objective of the study, pictures requirements may vary, but in the end, all recorded banana biodiversity is interesting. For instance, niche modelling relies on large samples of accessions belonging to the same subspecies/subgroup. We will then preferably focus here on common triploid bananas, not rare specimens where we are likely to obtain more occurrences. But if a sufficient number of observations is available, some more unusual specimens may also be recorded for that purpose. On the other hand, observing rare specimens will have great value to have an idea of the distribution of crop wild relatives and landraces. All types of banana are then welcome! The main problem here will be the correct botanical identification of the plant. Hence, taking detailed pictures (see below) is most important.

In any of the above cases, we are looking for plants growing in the closest to natural possible ...more ↓

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The objectives of this project are:
• to bring elements to understand and decipher the history of the diffusion of Musa, for instance its diffusion to Africa from SE Asia,
• to obtain a precise picture of the natural geographical diversity of Musa to foresee the evolution of cultivating areas in connection with expected climate changes and to identify collecting ...more ↓

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