Late blooming season might benefit City Nature Challenge: San Diego bee sighting opportunities.

Bee enthusiasts! I hope you are all grabbing your cameras Friday-Monday to participate in the City Nature Challenge: San Diego.
Blooming season and warmer temperatures means a great opportunity to find many of our native bees foraging around San Diego County.
John Ascher @johnascher and James Hung @kjhung, amoung others, will love to see all the bees we can find! Us citizen scientists are extremely lucky to have such experts looking at our photos and identifying our little friends. Let's give back and give them great data this weekend.
Remember to photograph multiple angles if you can and record the flower species if you know it. This can help determine species. ...more ↓

Posted on April 26, 2018 02:32 PM by patsimpson2000 patsimpson2000 | 3 comments | Leave a comment
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This project aims to catalogue all bees of San Diego County, California. Observations will help determine locality and seasonality as well as behavior.

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