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Many Thanks to All For An Amazing 2016 Biodiversity Big Year for San Benito County

Hello Naturalists,

Thanks again for contributing to the 2016 Biodiversity Big Year for San Benito County – all 117 of you that participated! And thanks to everyone who made a final push these past several weeks to add more 2016 observations and help review additional records to gain more species level identifications. As of March 1, the project has collectively documented 5,809 observations representing 1,333 different species. Collectively, the total number of species exceeded the total (1,310) of all the targets I dreamed up at the beginning of project for the various taxonomic groups. While a couple of the targets were perhaps a bit optimistic, a few others were greatly exceeded – Lepidoptera, Other Insects, and Spiders in particular. Here’s how our totals shook out for different taxonomic groups.

598 Plants (target of 750 – thanks to Brent Johnson, I didn’t overreach further and aim for 1,000)
154 Birds (just over the target of 150 – well ...more ↓

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Let's work together to celebrate, learn, and document the biodiversity of San Benito County, California. This is an all taxa, all year effort to learn about endemics to the California Floristic Province, discover ecological connections, learn about conservation opportunities, and generally celebrate what makes this part of the central Coast Ranges a special place. Will we be able to ...more ↓

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