Spring is coming! ... And so is the City Nature Challenge!

Many signs of spring are already visible here in Randall's Island Park on March 7th 2018. By the time the City Nature Challenge starts, on Friday April 27th, we should have an abundance of interesting organisms of all different kinds for people to observe, and hopefully there will be plenty of people to observe them, both here and everywhere else in New York City!

We had a good rehearsal on Saturday March 3rd, when we had a group of 12 people recording iNaturalist observations in the Freshwater Wetlands area of the island. Almost all of those new observations are listed here, although they had to be added to the project by hand.

Randall's Island is quite easy to get to for people who live in Queens, the Bronx, or Manhattan, and so, if you are someone who has not yet been here specifically to look at nature, please do consider visiting. It is worth bearing in mind that, unlike many other NYC parks, as well as being home to a wide range of terrestrial habitats, ...more ↓

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Help the Natural Areas Crew of Randall's Island Park Alliance to catalog the biodiversity on Randall's Island! Randall's Island is an incredibly diverse habitat for multiple species due to its unique position in New York City. Surrounded by the Harlem River to the west, the East River to the east, and the Bronx Kill to the north, it hosts freshwater and tidal wetlands, an urban forest, and four ...more ↓

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