Randalls Island looks particularly beautiful in summer. Wildflowers are flowering, the gardens are blooming, there are chickens on the farm, and butterflies are on the wing.

Please consider exploring our lovely island, especially our natural areas. There are still so many organisms here that have not yet been observed and recorded.

On Saturday June 23 we held our our “Small Worlds” nature-walk event. Although the weather was unseasonably chilly, we successfully explored some of the invertebrate communities that thrive in and around Randalls Island, and we documented them on iNaturalist.

We are looking forward to your observations whenever you come over to visit,


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Help the Natural Areas Crew of Randall's Island Park Alliance to catalog the biodiversity on Randall's Island! Randall's Island is an incredibly diverse habitat for multiple species due to its unique position in New York City.
Surrounded by the Harlem River to the west, the East River to the east, and the Bronx Kill to the north, Randall's Island hosts freshwater and tidal ...more ↓

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