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Stay up-to-date with observations! While this is our first journal entry since 2015, we add new observations all the time (and not just plants)!

Our list is now over 1,000 plants! When we started in 2012, we had around 900. We’ve seen a startling increase in species, and they’re not all weeds! We’ve also actually added more than 100 taxa, since we have removed a few from the list.

The greater One Tam area has seen over 80 native plants disappear in the last 50 years. MMWD has lost around 100, in all likelihood, but the strongly coastal areas still within “One Tam” has ...more ↓

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The California Academy of Sciences and the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) are working together - with citizen scientists - to document and collect every known plant species on the more than 18,000 acres the MMWD manages. The MMWD takes care of their watershed lands not only to provide clean drinking water to Marin residents, but also to protect the incredible biodiversity of the area. ...more ↓

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