Full Moon - Minus Tides

I'm looking ahead to when to continue documentation of the biota of the isthmus between Indian and Marrowstone Islands. There is a neap tide today, so it will be a few days before low water will allow us to explore more of the low intertidal.

There are minus tides around the full moon next week (Monday), I want to take a close look at the existing channel from the causeway culvert north. I'd be happy to have some help with that. Let me know which day, Saturday (6/15) through Wednesday (6/19), works for you.

My favorite web site for tidal predictions is:

If you use Facebook, I think that might be the easiest place to coordinate. Here's the group I would like to use:

Here on iNat, this is the specific project for ...more ↓

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Assemble database of all species recorded on Marrowstone Island, WA.
Planning two Bioblitz events per year--spring and fall.

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