Welcome to our class project! When out taking photos please keep the following guidelines in mind:

• It is very important that you do not disturb any wildlife. For your own safety and the safety of the organism, do not touch the organism you are observing. Be aware that some organism, such as threatened species, may be legally protected against harassment (including touching and picking up the organism). Other organism may harm you if touched (such as plants that can cause skin reactions like poison ivy). Some organisms may be provoked if you approach them or their offspring (such as alligators and birds). Keep a safe distance from the organisms you are observing and be aware of your surroundings. Safety is a priority.

• iNaturalist is a public site. Do not upload images that break iNaturalist Terms and Services or violate Copyright Laws.

• Do not take identifiable photos of yourself. It is ok to include your hands, feet, and clothing in your photos, but ...more ↓

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The purpose of our class project is to help BSC2011L students get a better understanding of the biodiversity in Florida. This project is for students in lab section 905 (Spring 2019) to upload and share observations.

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