Range maps added for Malacothamnus taxa

While it can be tricky to identify some Malacothamnus due to lots of overlapping morphological characters in the keys, most don't overlap geographically. If you are in an area where only one taxon is known, you can usually be pretty sure of the ID based on that, assuming that it is a wild plant and wasn't introduced in a restoration project. If only two or three taxa grow in that area, that also helps narrow down the possibilities. To address this, I've uploaded rough ranges of Malacothamnus taxa to iNaturalist. These will be updated with improved maps as this project progresses.

The image above is the range map of M. fremontii, which you can view an interactive version of here. The pink is the range I have uploaded, the green are counties where there are iNaturalist observations, and ...more ↓

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I'm a PhD student researching bush-mallows (the genus Malacothamnus) and decided to use iNaturalist as a way of pulling together observations both to help see what is going on and to help others identify them.

Bush-mallows are a challenging group of plants to identify, partly because they are extremely variable and partly because a lot more research needs to be done to sort out what ...more ↓

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